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WINNING MINDS: Leadership Mastery Online Seminar


WINNING MINDS: Leadership Mastery Online Seminar

Mental Wellbeing Is Very Good For Business.

What is the impact of mental illness & wellness on performance in your organization?

World Mental Health Day is observed annually in October.  However, you plan to observe and benefit from the swell of awareness around this critical topic to organizational viability, here is an excellent opportunity for you, your leadership, Human Resource, and wellness teams to get prepared to maximize your benefit from the impact of this global phenomenon.


2016 trends on the impact that mental ill-health at work on organizations shows:

  1.  An increased reporting of mental health problems by employees from 26% in 2011 to just under 1 in 3 persons [or 31%]. Among the studied  workers it was found; 
  2. 37% of sufferers are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues
  3. 57% find it harder to juggle multiple tasks
  4. 85% stated that they had difficulty concentrating, 
  5. 64% said it took them longer to complete tasks,
  6. 54% reported they had difficulty with making decisions, 
  7. and  40% confessed that they were less patient with customers. 


Taking proactive steps to mitigate the potential adverse effects of your staff’s fragility through promoting positive mental health in the workplace is key to averting these figures or worse being reflected by your organization. Impaired mental well-being does not just impact individuals personally, but comes at a significant economic cost to organizations. Performance levels are challenged by presenteeism, absenteeism, staff turnover rates, conflicts, unnecessary errors, and high health-related expenditures.


Mental health and wellness are core imperatives for organizations. Take a deeper look and gain a more practical understanding of the best strategic approaches for winning minds. Achieve your desired strategic performance outcomes through connecting with the best selection of local health, organizational and behavior change experts. Organizations that have a clear evidence-based strategy in place and one that proactively protects against, while caring for mental health issues will reap the rewards of a robust and resilient workforce, that can deliver sustainable high performance and healthy profitability.


Whether you are just thinking about,  getting starting with testing your wellbeing agenda, or already have a clear developing plan in place, this Mental Wellness seminar and  workshops – with its powerful empowerment and impactful resources will provide the practical tools and techniques which will build your internal capability to deliver, create and maintain a culture of healthy high performance.